I am oh, so grateful for Amy Shertzer and Virtual Creations! Working with Amy has made a huge difference in my business, allowing me to focus on the bigger picture and expanding my life’s work. She keeps things moving along with ease and beauty, and is great at following up. Amy cares and she makes working with her a wonderful experience!

Jennifer Seffrin
Indy Holistic Hub

Amy scores A+  when it comes to helping me run my business smoothly.  She is clear and concise in her communication, extremely patient and super efficient in delivering top quality.  Book her now before word gets out!  *****


Wow!  The cards are beautiful, Amy. Perfect!!

Melissa Laborsky, MD
Indy Healing Center LLC

It is SO gorgeous!!!! Many, many thanks. I look forward to having it in front of my table. Finally a sign I can be proud of! Ye are amazing! 🙂

Annie Sever-Dimitri
Laughing Soul

I was completely delighted to work with Amy! I despise figuring things out on a computer by myself–very frustrating. Amy easily showed me how to use my WordPress blog and transform it into my website. She has a knack for teaching creative people how to do noncreative tasks. She listened to what I needed and provided just that. She was very patient with my abundant questions, and all at a highly reasonable price. She will be doing way more work for me in the future.

I am very grateful I found her!

Annie Sever-Dimitri
Laughing Soul

Amy has been and continues to be a life saver. Not only for my own sanity as a business owner but personally as the calm in the storm.

Since utilizing Amy’s gifts and talents, my private practice has thrived. Within the first year, my revenue doubled. I could focus on what mattered – my clients! She held a focus on the details and thank goodness, be cease those are necessary requirements for holistic practitioners.

She keeps her awareness on the pulse of my practice and is able to offer practical solutions and keep me organized and on track with my personal and professional goals.

I remain ever grateful to Amy for all that she does for my business.

Thank you!

Jenny Davis, CEP
Everest Energetics

I began working with Amy Shertzer through Everest Energetics late in fall of 2014. I was in the midst of launching my holistic practice, Indy Healing Center LLC. I practice solo without any regular staff and I quickly realized the blessing of Amy’s support “behind the scenes.”

I ran three different groups regularly over the last year: Share The Light (a monthly gathering for holistic practitioners), Dragon’s Way (Weight Loss and Stress Management), and Breast Health Qigong. Amy helped promote my group and classes regularly via social media and set up meet up and bookeo online booking as needed. When I would produce a flyer for a class she quickly, with an ease I have NEVER been able to achieve, would convert it into a mail chimp document and gather my contacts for distribution.

Amy also created online jot form documents for my before and after questionnaires for Dragon’s Way and distributed them to participants. She even followed up with participants who were slow to return the forms.

In the spring I went through a boom of creating video and audio of my approach to wellness. Amy set up a youtube page for Indy Healing Center and uploaded my content.
Amy has also been quick to respond to my occasional technical questions/glitches regarding social media, gmail account issues, etc.

In general her support has decreased the stress and energy I would have to commit to social media, marketing classes etc.

She is an asset to anyone beginning a practice of their own!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions

Melissa Laborsky, MD
Indy Healing Center LLC

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