What do I say? Where to begin..

What do I say? Where to begin..


Some of you send out a monthly newsletter, GOOD FOR YOU!!  Others get tongue tied and writers block with no clue what to share with your followers.

It’s not that hard!  Here’s a HUGE list of simple content ideas to add to your Newsletter.


  They joined your mailing list because they want to hear what YOU have to say!!

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No more excuses.. 

  1. An upcoming event, trade show, workshop, or festival you’re hosting, participating in, attending, and/or sponsoring
  2. An educational blog post you’ve written, chock-full of advice
  3. An interesting and related blog post written by a third-party
  4. A survey or poll
  5. Your survey or poll’s results
  6. Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs)
  7. A product/service demo or how-to video you’ve created
  8. A bulleted list of helpful, insider tips, or DIY instructions related to your products, service or industry
  9. A milestone or anniversary for your company
  10. An industry-related podcast (by you or someone else) that you recommend
  11. A summary of donations, funding or a small business grant your company/non-profit may have received recently
  12. Customer testimonials or spotlights
  13. A company recap of the year, or an annual report – How many pizzas did your business sell? How many cups of coffee did your employees drink? How many lives did you impact? Warby Parker did an amazing job with theirs, then shared this tool to create your own
  14. A roundup of your most popular products (fan favorites), blog posts, infographics videos, or services from the week/month/year
  15. An interesting, industry-related infographic you came across
  16. An infographic you created (even better!)
  17. A gift guide
  18. A mention of an upcoming sale or offer, and/or an early bird coupon for that sale
  19. Pictures and/or mini bios of new employees
  20. Behind-the-scenes photos of your business and customers
  21. Your company’s story
  22. An award you’ve won, or an award you’re attempting to win
  23. A spotlight of a neighboring small business
  24. Small Business Saturday details, and how you’re participating
  25. Apps or tools you find useful
  26. A recipe (this doesn’t just apply to food)
  27. Fan/customer photos – Include pictures of customers enjoying/using/buying/wearing your products or services, or an event of yours they attended
  28. Info and a sign up for your customer loyalty or rewards program(s)
  29. A contest/giveaway
  30. Winners of your contest/giveaway
  31. Press mentions your business may have received
  32. Sneak peeks of products/services-to-come
  33. A live webcam, or webinar/demo you’re hosting
  34. A non-profit or cause you’re supporting
  35. An announcement and info about a new class, product, or service you’re now offering
  36. Recent and interesting statistics, studies, or surveys related to your business or directly from your business
  37. A new Pinterest board you’ve created
  38. Breaking, industry-related trends or news
  39. An announcement of your newly redesigned blog or website
  40. A list of faux pas or dos & don’ts related to your industry
  41. Company volunteer projects you’re participating in or supporting
  42. Save-the-dates for upcoming deadlines, registration dates, etc.
  43. Fun holidays (like National Puppy Day)
  44. Reviews you’ve written
  45. Reviews written about your business
  46. Local news that affects your neighborhood or business
  47. A Vine or Hyperlapse video you’ve created
  48. Your latest and/or most popular Instagram pictures from the month
  49. Free resources, like a downloadable guide
  50. A request to follow your business on various social sites, like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  51. A notice about a refill on a popular product/service, or additional classes or dates added
  52. A book, art exhibit, painting, movie, song, TV show, or play your business recommends (or has created/participated in)
  53. A speech/talk you’re giving or attending
  54. Motivational or funny quote(s)
  55. A crowdfunded campaign you’re running or supporting
  56. Info about a new partnership or merchant you’re working with
  57. A meme you’ve made
  58. A joke
  59. Career info or a list of open positions at your company
  60. A challenge you’re participating in, (like the Ice Bucket Challenge) or would like to encourage readers to participate in
  61. Staff/employee picks of products or services
  62. A spotlight of your mobile app, or new features added to your app
  63. A sponsorship you’re participating in, or just received
  64. An interview with customer, employee, merchant, industry-related expert, or yourself, of course
  65. A request (for readers) to review your business or products on various local listings
  66. Pictures of business merchandise you may have available
  67. A photo essay or collage (of products, employees, behind-the-scenes pictures, the neighborhood, your company story etc.)
  68. Business updates or changes, such as new hours of operation, privacy settings, holiday closures, shipping guidelines, etc.
  69. Season’s greetings
  70. Customer support/service info
  71. Pictures of employees’ pets
  72. Updates about where your product(s) or services can be found, such as a participating website or brick and mortar.
  73. A guest blog post you’ve written for another company or brand
  74. A spotlight/description of your YouTube Channel, and a link to your most recent video
  75. A “Thank You!” to donors, event attendees, or customers, just because

When creating your email newsletter, remember, your readers are your friends! They want (and should) hear from you on a regular basis. They also want to know what’s new in your business, appreciate advice, and if you can hook them up with an occasional deal, even better!

With these 75 content topics, you should be well on your way to creating a memorable email newsletter that keeps readers informed and intrigued. Content via http://www.virtualresponse.com

Take Great Care of Your CLIENTS!!


So, I’ve had referrals on my mind for 3 days straight. Just thinking… and thinking that I need to contact my clients, but what to say? Are you referring your clients? When did you last receive a referral? Do you follow up with your referrals? Are you asking your satisfied clients for referrals?

Can you guess what happened next?

Well, here I am thinking about referrals again and within 30 minutes I receive an email from a business acquaintance, who I’ve only met thru a few emails. She asks for a Lymphatic Therapist referral near Murfreesboro, TN. I immediately respond by referring her to a wonderful client of mine whom I have personally seen her impressive testimonials, and made sure to include her name, email, phone number, and website address and a personal note about her. THEN, within 30 minutes a REFERRAL comes MY WAY! One of my newest clients that I just adore sends me an email that she has just referred a colleague to me!

Is that Karma? Perhaps!

While seeing clients this week, really tune in and focus on your client’s NEEDS.  Take part in their overall health!

“What other types of healing Services would benefit my client?  Would they benefit from seeing a Naturopath that I trust and respect?  Would they benefit from Myofascial Release?  Am I really thinking about my client ‘s overall health needs?”

So many of you work with other healers by trade, or work as a collaborative team.  Wonderful!  What a great way to gain knowledge of other modalities, as well as to gain referrals!  By referring your clients to other trusted professionals, you show them that you genuinely care about their needs and well being.  As a Healer, you know all of this!!  Sometime we all need a refreshing reminder.  Being a healing practitioner is more than have a full calendar and a nice check, it’s taking a part in your client’s overall wellbeing. 


The bold facts: Happy clients = more referrals for you!

Sincerely, Your Virtual Teammate
Amy Shertzer