Take Great Care of Your CLIENTS!!


So, I’ve had referrals on my mind for 3 days straight. Just thinking… and thinking that I need to contact my clients, but what to say? Are you referring your clients? When did you last receive a referral? Do you follow up with your referrals? Are you asking your satisfied clients for referrals?

Can you guess what happened next?

Well, here I am thinking about referrals again and within 30 minutes I receive an email from a business acquaintance, who I’ve only met thru a few emails. She asks for a Lymphatic Therapist referral near Murfreesboro, TN. I immediately respond by referring her to a wonderful client of mine whom I have personally seen her impressive testimonials, and made sure to include her name, email, phone number, and website address and a personal note about her. THEN, within 30 minutes a REFERRAL comes MY WAY! One of my newest clients that I just adore sends me an email that she has just referred a colleague to me!

Is that Karma? Perhaps!

While seeing clients this week, really tune in and focus on your client’s NEEDS.  Take part in their overall health!

“What other types of healing Services would benefit my client?  Would they benefit from seeing a Naturopath that I trust and respect?  Would they benefit from Myofascial Release?  Am I really thinking about my client ‘s overall health needs?”

So many of you work with other healers by trade, or work as a collaborative team.  Wonderful!  What a great way to gain knowledge of other modalities, as well as to gain referrals!  By referring your clients to other trusted professionals, you show them that you genuinely care about their needs and well being.  As a Healer, you know all of this!!  Sometime we all need a refreshing reminder.  Being a healing practitioner is more than have a full calendar and a nice check, it’s taking a part in your client’s overall wellbeing. 


The bold facts: Happy clients = more referrals for you!

Sincerely, Your Virtual Teammate
Amy Shertzer

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